Where Do Sea Minerals Come From


". . .Fish, amphibian, and reptile, warm-blooded bird and mammal - each of us carries in our veins a salty stream in which the elements are combined in almost the same proportions as in sea water.. . ." from The Sea Around Us, Racheal Carson

Australian Blue Salt Fields by Simon Butterworth.jpg

Amenas Sea Minerals are a rich source of concentrated minerals and trace elements derived naturally from pristine Australian ocean waters.  1 litre of Daiy Boost takes 100 litres of Sea Water to produce.

Sea water is collected in specifically designed ponds where it is allowed to slowly concentrate. By utilizing solar evaporation and precipitation a dense solution of rich macro and trace minerals slowly starts to develop. 

Most of the sodium is naturally extracted and is used as table salt or is added to other products. The remaining liquid is further naturally concentrated leaving a mineral laden, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial solution. This solution then goes through rigorous steps  to ensure it is safe for human consumption, then and only then is it bottled under the Amenas brand.
Additive, Preservative and Chemical FREE. Suitable for VEGANS. GLUTEN FREE.