Sea Minerals

Every living cell on earth depends on minerals for proper structure and function (Kulani Mahikoa, Kirkman Group)

Minerals naturally occur in the makeup of our planet. As the earth breaks down rocks, particles, sand etc become part of the soil. Plants then take up these minerals and are in turn eaten by herbivorous animals including humans, who often, in turn, eat the herbivorous animals. This is how humans have been getting their dietary minerals for millennia. Unfortunately, due to mono agriculture, chemical fertilizers, soil degradation etc, and often just the fact of where you live, a lot of these minerals have been lost, or greatly reduced in our food. Thank goodness for the oceans! All the rocks found on the land are also found under the sea, due to underwater volcanic eruptions, currents, and the solvent nature of water the mineral content of seawater is very consistent. Salt reduced, super concentrated sea minerals are made up of both Macro and Micro minerals found in the pristine Australian ocean.



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