D Thomas UK Mineral Depletion - (A very interesting read!)

I found this a very interesting read. Even though it was written back in the '90's, I cannot see that we have made any improvement since then, more likely this has continued to deteriorate!

Back in 1991, D Thomas of the UK published a study of the depletion of nutritional value of common foods over a 50-60 year period. He asked why, if we are getting enough fats, carbohydrates and proteins, are many of us malnourished?

This is an excerpt from his publication:

Most nutritionists suggest that it is the quality of our present day foods which is lacking
when compared to those same foods in the past. Vital nutrients are missing - these
nutrients are invariably trace minerals that are known to have a beneficial effect on our
health. This situation creates a stress within our metabolism as our bodies strive to
maintain the homeostatic balance that allows us to adjust, compensate and adapt to our
ever changing environment. When this cannot be achieved the body has to signal that a
problem exists by giving ‘us’ a symptom. We are made up of the stuff of the earth,
consequently it is not surprising that lack of appropriate minerals can create a variety of
very evident modern day symptoms - see Appendix 1. Whilst toxic overload of modern
day trace metal pollutants can also cause many recognizable ‘modern’ symptoms – see
Appendix 2. We currently have a lot of information - most of which originates from the
USA - which indicates that the mineral content of foods has deteriorated over the past 50-
60 years.

You can find the full transcript here https://acrobat.adobe.com/id/urn:aaid:sc:AP:2fb1df85-383e-40bf-a194-f252dc47b659 (requires Acrobat). You will note that at the very end he reveals a treatise by R.H. Anderson, Ph.D., L.C.S.W. named "Attention, Behaviour and Minerals". This treatise mentions the use of Trace Minerals from The Great Salt Lake in Utah, U.S.A. These minerals are, if not exactly the same, very similar to our own Amena's Daily Boost Mineral Drops the difference being that the Salt Lake is land locked and we derive our minerals directly from the ocean, there are slightly more available trace minerals in the ocean.

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