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The Importance of Ionic Minerals for the Human Body

All living beings, including animals, plants, and humans, require ionic minerals for their survival. These minerals are responsible for generating and transmitting electrical impulses that keep our muscles, heart, and brain functioning properly. The Ocean contains an abundance of minerals in ionic form, developed over millions of years. If you're experiencing symptoms of mineral deficiency, such as fatigue, constipation, bloating, brain fog, or cramps, it's important to take action, try Amena's Sea Minerals today.

The Ocean's Role in Health and Healing

We believe that nature holds the key to human health and wellness, particularly when it comes to our oceans. In 2006, our founder, Gerry Amena, said to Acres USA...and I quote "Ocean water is the richest life sustainable and life enhancing source of ionic — water soluble — minerals, both macro and trace. Just look at the abundance and variety of life forms that it supports! Ocean water is the perfect catalyst for life. Oceanographers and other scientists estimate that there are some 2 to 10 million life forms yet to be discovered. A fetus, the wonder of life, develops in a mother’s uterus, suspended in a solution not unlike ocean water. Blood plasma — the fluid of blood, minus the red cells — is chemically almost identical to ocean water. These similarities are not a coincidence. Ocean water is truly the means for life".*Disclaimer: This is a direct quote made by Gerry Amena (dec'd), it is reproduced here to help understand the views he held while developing his products. It is not necessarily totally scientifically correct and simply a reflection of his thoughts.

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