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Are you feeling tired, lethargic, irritable, have other symptoms of mineral deficiency such as constipation, bloating, brain fog, loss of appetite, cramps, your immune system taking a battering lately? 

Congratulations! You have come to the right place! Our Ionic Sea Mineral products might just be the thing for you

We believe that 'Nature Nurtures' and that most, if not all, answers to Human Health Issues can be found in Nature and particularly our oceans. We hope you will find our site easy to browse if you need clarification or just have a question, flick us an email or give us a call.


Amena’s Sea Minerals is proud to support the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to save the Great Barrier Reef for future generations. Our support is enabling the Foundation to fund on ground projects, scientific research and innovative technologies from the best minds in Australia and beyond to protect and restore the Reef.  $1 from each bottle of Sea Minerals sold will go to the GBRF to help fund it's research. 

We also give monthly to the Australian Marine Conservation Society as we firmly believe that if you take from a natural resource it is our duty to give back.




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