A HUGE thank you to all that answered my call regarding how you use our products. I couldn't be more pleased with the responses.

I must 'legally' add a disclaimer here and say that the opinions expressed in this webpage are the personal opinions and experiences of the particular user. As such they are not to be construed as medical advice. Do not use the information on this page, in any way, to treat yourself for any ailment or illness. Always consult a health practitioner if you suffer from an illness or ailment.

OK? I am sure you understand. Now to the lovely stuff. Our products have been on the market for around 30 years now and have stood the test of time. The following testimonials come from a varied group of users, of widely differing ages and experiences.



​I have only just started using Amenas sea minerals & have had great success normalising my bowel. I take 1 capful in a small amount of water each morning (it doesn’t taste great but I’m used to it now). I have tried other magnesium options but didn’t get the same result as I do with. Amenas


Tina H.



We have used Amena’s Sea Minerals for around 30 years having become aware of it from a friend who came by it and used it to cure his dermatitis. Having had a father who had severe dermatitis all over his body, spent 12 months in hospital and was heavily dosed with barbiturates and amphetamines, I was impressed that something natural could do the job without drugs or hospitalisation.

We have used Sea Minerals for just about anything on the skin with great and often very quick results, most recently finding it effective for mosquito bites. While it stings for a short time on open wounds, it stops infections. When eyes feel dry and sore, we will smear a little in the corners of the eyes before going to bed - stings for a couple of minutes but is very effective. Also good for sore or tight muscles.

We would not be without Sea Minerals especially when we travel, even if just going away for a weekend.

We have happily recommended it to friends and given it to family.

Bernie & Lynne H. ,Alstonville



My story about Amenas products

I suffer badly from cramps after a big day working outdoors. My doctor recommended that I increase my magnesium intake to offset the cramps. He suggested I take Staminade which is high in magnesium. My Son Tom who has a certified organic produce farm The Mandarin Bend didn’t like me drinking Staminade because of the high sugar content and non-natural product. He saw your product and bought me my first bottle of Amenas Daily Boost Sea Minerals. Its been an excellent source of magnesium and a god send for preventing cramp. Which reminds me I need to order another bottle ready for the next farm trip especially now with the heat and high humidity to dehydrate me. Its not a great taste but goes well with freshly squeezed orange juice.  I love Amenas product graphics too!

Robert M.

Charlestown NSW Australia




We first became familiar with Gerry in Warwick where he had a small farm at Hendon some 20 odd years ago.

We had 2 girls some 18 months apart with our eldest a severe eczema case and the next not as severe.

Imagine waking every morning to a cot filled with blood and skin.

The eczema was so bad our girls would scratch so badly at night as the itch drove them crazy.

We had jump suits made and mittens that we taped on so they couldn’t damage themselves at night.

Those first seven years of their lives was so traumatic especially when they cannot communicate the issue with you.

Things I remember about Gerry were:

  1. He believed the body regenerated every 7 years and there were changes in our girls from 7,14 and 21 years of age.
  2. The body will heal itself if you give it the nutrition/minerals it needs. We constantly used Sea Minerals till the girls left home to follow this mantra.
  3. He especially believed in mineral supplements.
  4. He was able to look into your body and recognise health deficiencies and recommended product.
  5. Eat a good diet and avoid red meat.
  6. He provided my wife with empathy and recommended balms and internal treatments.

Our girls are now in their twenties and both were able to get through schooling and even university.

While they still live with eczema it is under control and they lead very normal lives.

We thank Gerry for his help, his sea minerals and his philosophies.

We were very saddened by his passing but fondly remember the extra mile he provide with our children.

For me his herbal salt is used every day in our house.

Thank you Mike H.



Dear Lesley, I have been using the Daily Boost everyday health tonic for a few years now. Why? I read the book "The Calcium Lie" and the penny dropped...most in the medical profession prescribe calcium pills and vitamin D for bone health, but an overbalance of Calcium will cause more harm than good! The author recommends an intake of minerals from sea salt. But because the US salt lakes are on the same latitude with Fukushima which continues to leak Cesium into the Pacific and rain radiation upon those same lakes I was attracted to the Queensland option that you make.

Dennis R.- Manjimup WA.