Daily Boost 250ml The base of all our products. Daily Boost is derived from Seawater gathered from Southern Australian waters. The seawater is left in settling ponds where gradually the Sodium Chloride separates and is gathered for the Salt industry, both table and other salts. The resulting mineral laden liquid (bitterns) is further evaporated naturally, using solar evaporation, until the liquid becomes the required density. These are Sea Minerals. High in Magnesium and low in Sodium Chloride, and full of all the other macro and micro minerals (see example here) Sea Minerals are ionic and readily absorbed by the body. A teaspoon of Daily Boost a day delivers approximately 1500mg of minerals. Best taken with a meal and diluted in a liquid of your choice e.g. juice, green smoothie, milk, water. (Personally, I put 5ml into a shot glass filled with water, shoot it down, then follow with a lovely glass of pure water. There is no aftertaste.) Can be taken any time of the day although with the evening meal gives the body access to minerals while you sleep.

100% Australian Owned and sourced, natural product.


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By: on 12 December 2019
Thank you so much for my recent order. Firstly, I just want to say I had a gift from my daughter of your, Amena's Ultra Hydrating night cream, it is such a great product I will be ordering more soon. Secondly, I am so grateful for your Ultra Boost SEA MINERALS, a daily dose kept a friend and I healthy through last winter, what a gift! "Thank you, so much, where would I be without your sea minerals, I take them daily without fail.

Life from the Sea

By: on 4 November 2018
I have used this product for 2 years now since reading the "The Calcium Lie" -a must read to understand why you need to take sea minerals daily. Just add it to your water bottle for the day and disguise the salty flavour with juice if you want to, I don't.

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