It may just be a drop in the ocean

Author: Lesley Thomson  Date Posted:12 April 2022 



A while ago, after fielding questions from clients and potential clients about the safety of Australian sea water, which is the basis of all our Sea Mineral products. I decided that if we take from our oceans, it would be nice to put something back. There are many clean ocean initiatives around the world that are doing amazing work. I wanted to give to something close to home, however, and found that the Great Barrier Reef Foundation was looking for people and businesses to help fundraise. Having snorkeled on the reef out from Port Douglas I experienced first hand the abundance of marine life in and around, unfortunately, bleached corals. I was saddened that the vivid blues and reds were few and far between, although some were still hanging in there.

I don't want to wade into a debate about whether this is part of a great natural cycle that we are not aware of, or whether global warming is impacting the reef, or even if these conditions allow the crown of thorns starfish to thrive, I felt that if we could do anything at all, research and action are needed. Of course, research and action cost money and so I decided that for two years, at least to start with, I will give $1 per bottle of Sea Minerals sold through my Amena's Sea Minerals business to the GBRF.* I found them really easy to get along with and very generous with their information. I hope that my contribution goes some way to help keep our marine environment alive and healthy for generations to come and that we all give back a little of what we take from our planet.

*Great Barrier Reef Foundation

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